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Tarot and Reiki Services

Home Cleaning / Clearing, Blessing


Tarot Card Reading

There are many types of readings using different number of cards. My readings are straight and to the point. 


I am also a Reiki practitioner. It can help with pain. I have done Reiki on those who are transitioning to the next dimension. I also do Reiki on animals. 

Corporate Events

I also do corporate events! I have a team of talented friends and together we can offer;  Tarot or Oricle card, Palm reading, tea leaf reading, and Chakra clearing services. 

In Dec '18, three of my talented friends and I worked a 400 employee holiday party. If you have a large company, you will need more than one reader to accommodate the demand. 

Prices depend on what you need, and how long the event is. A good starting point is $100 an hour per reader, plus tips.




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