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Strange and fascinating things happen to all of us. 

This is one of mine ...




I met with a woman who was booking me and my team for a corporate event. I did a reading for her, so she could see how it works, and if she wanted to hire me. She was coming up on the anniversary of losing a child. During our meeting she had mentioned she had a headache that had lasted 3 days. 

When I left her and was driving home. I noticed I had a headache. It was the kind of headache you get from crying a lot. I texted her asking how her headache was. She reported back that it was gone. I told her "I think I took your headache with me". She thanked me. 

It took about 2 hours for me to banish the headache, but I was happy to take her pain with me. 



Strange and fascinating things happen to all of us. 

This is one of mine ...




A few weeks after my Mother died. I was sleeping, and having a dream. In my dream about sleeping in my bed, there was a shadow silhouette hovering above me, then another. I couldn't make out any features, but I knew it was my parents coming to see me. My impression was my Mother brought my Father to see me. It was comforting. Suddenly I startled awake. Within a couple of seconds, as soon as I started to entertain the idea of it being a dream, my nightstand lamp clicked on. I got the message immediately. It was no dream, they were really with me, at that moment . I became frozen with fear. 

There was really nothing to fear, these were my parents who love me, yet it is still hard to control emotion and adrenaline, when these things happen.  



Strange and fascinating things happen to all of us. 

This is one of mine ...


The Lake


I was in my early 20’s and my boyfriend and I were at lake Camanche in California on a water skiing weekend.

We had the boat parked in a cove so some of our friends could swim. I was running my fingers through the cool water. My fingernails were painted a pinkish color. I noticed fish, large fish were swimming up toward my fingers yet chickened out when around a foot or two away. Suddenly this young fry about an inch long swam up to my fingers. I played with the little fish with my fingers it swam in and out of my cupped palm, I stroked its sides, it didn’t have any fear. A couple of times I brought it on board and held the little fish in my cupped hands, it was content to swim in my palms. This went on for a while. I set him free and we were on our way. My boyfriend was shocked. 

I understood why the larger fish were attracted to my fingers, my nails probably looked like salmon eggs. But that little fish I got to hold and play with blew me away.



Strange and fascinating things happen to all of us. 

this is another one of mine.


The Camera


Years ago I was going to attend my sisters baby shower down in Campbell CA. Our Mom lived in San Jose, I lived in San Bruno, about 50 miles north of her. Mom had been sick with a cold, it just lingered and she was tired, but would attend the party. I grabbed my camera and headed to Campbell.

The party was nice, her friend Corinne’s house was beautiful and the games and food were fun. Mom wanted to leave early, saying she was tired and not feeling well. Having been battling her cold we all understood and said our goodbyes.

A couple of days later I was going to look at the pictures I took of the baby shower. When I picked up the camera, I realized it wasn’t mine. My camera was black, this one was silver gray and the buttons were in different places. Oh my gosh! I think this is Mom’s camera!

I picked up the phone and called Mom at work. I was put on hold, then her boss picked up. She explained that Monday (2 days earlier) she was so sick and weak, one of the salesmen drove her home while another employee followed in her car to drop it off.

I called Mom’s house and she answered, she made no sense, couldn’t answer simple questions and was totally incoherent. I put my 3-month old baby in the car and headed to San Jose. When I got to her house I found her slumped over on her sofa, she was burning up with fever and still making no sense.

I put her in the car and took her to the emergency room.

The nurse who interviewed her came out to the waiting room and told me she was not making sense and that her O2 levels were very low, she had pneumonia. She was very serious and looked me in the eyes and said, If left on her own at home she would probably have died in a matter of hours, and I was lucky I brought her in when I did.

Oh my God, Mom almost died!

Later that week when Mom was doing better in the hospital, and I was home, I picked up the camera. I was in total shock. It was my camera, black and the buttons were in the right places. Why did it look like my Mom’s camera to me a week earlier? Which is what prompted me to call her, find that she was sick, and go to her?

Had that not happened, she would have probably died.

Thank you Angels.



Strange and fascinating things happen to all of us.  This is another one of mine ...


Mom in the Hospital


Eight years after my Mom almost died of Pneumonia (in the camera story). She did die of complications from chemotherapy for lung cancer. Perhaps you’ve never heard of someone dying from chemo, well now you have.

The phone call in the middle of the night on Thanksgiving from my sister was a shock. I was alone, having sent my reluctant husband and children up to Portola, in northern California for Thanksgiving with his family. I would have gone, but Mom was in the hospital and I didn’t feel right about leaving her, so I stayed behind. I spent the day at the hospital, then drove home only to get the phone call from my sister around 1:00 am the day after Thanksgiving.

I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and drove in the pounding rain down 280, in the dark.  It took around an hour to get there to meet my sister and see my Mother one last time. She was already gone, but I wanted to see her, hold her hand, and smell her hair once more.

While she was in the hospital, my Mom was extremely weak, her prognosis was bad, maybe 3 month without treatment. She wanted to fight, but it was obvious to my sister and me that the chemo was too much for her. We were going to try to talk her out of more treatments. Three good months, one last Christmas together, as opposed to weakness, sickness, & misery for the remainder of her days. We both thought no more chemo. She never recovered from her first round of chemo, and was gone in 2 weeks.

While she was hospitalized some interesting things happened. Our Father,  had passed decades earlier,  and she had remained  in love with him all these years. My sister and I knew she was dying, and asked our Father to come for her when it was time. As soon as we talked to him about that in the bathroom in her hospital room, she called out saying someone was calling her. The timing was very eerie. Fast forward a few days and Mom too would be gone, Having died in the middle of the night, alone, in a hospital bed. I will always regret not being with her.

After visiting her after her death, we went to her house. The house was alive with her energy. It was palpable. I couldn’t believe she was gone. 

Now, I had lived in this house for a decade before I married. I knew this house well and we never had any electrical problems. Suddenly, the kitchen overhead light began flickering very fast. My sister and I asked, “Mom? Is that you?” and as soon as the words hit the air, the flickering stopped. We asked about 10 more times and each time the flickering would immediately stop. It was definitely her. When it did eventually stop for good. I said to my sister, "if I were her and my kids were still asking after 10 times, I'd stop doing it too!" I mean really! Get the message girls ...

Side note; what happened with the light, never happened again in the months following.

Mom was there with us. Communicating the only way she could, though electricity. I firmly believe this.

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